Grain Entrapment and Engulfment: Rail Cars

Craig Macklin

Well, this sad news was released recently: “Worker Engulfed in Rail Car…” which made me revisit my prior post to dig into data some more.  Once again, I went to the data set provided by NPR Buried in Grain. This time I looked only for “rail car” in the incidents and found two in the data set.  While the two incidents in the data set both correspond to workers trying to clear clogs while unloading the rail car hoppers, this new incident does not.  Its cause was related to the worker slipping and falling while loading the car.  Either way, these incidents are terrible, tragic and preventable with proper safety precautions and training.  Rail car vibrators are one tool to help prevent bin or hopper entry during unloading.  I encourage anyone following these continued incidents to look into resources available from organizations such as the Grain Handling Safety Coalition.

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Craig Macklin

Craig Macklin

Strategic Development at Cleveland Vibrator Co.
Craig Macklin joined Cleveland Vibrator in 2010. His only previous experience with industrial vibration or material handling was infrequent visits to the earthquake exhibit (yes, it was indeed built by Cleveland Vibrator) at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Though he was previously mired in the world of theoretical, intangible products and services such as Enterprise Content Management and consulting services, he has developed a passion for this industry. His understanding of the value and importance of industrial vibration to numerous industries and applications grows everyday. He enjoys fine, locally roasted espresso drinks and 4-door sedans. He has cried at multiple Browns and Indians games. He once read 2 pages of GEB.

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