How to Operate Cleveland Vibrator’s Vacuum Mounted Series Units

Mike Stratis

The Cleveland Vibrator Company has been manufacturing pneumatic piston vibrators since 1923. During that time, there have been a wide range of new products developed and released as the industries change. A great recent example of this innovation is the Vacuum Mount Vibrator Series.

The first generation of the Vacuum Mount family was designed around the flagship product, air piston vibrators, to accommodate a wide range of applications and mounting locations. The air piston vibrators that are used are the VMSAC models, these are the non-impacting or air-cushioned piston vibrators. The reason for the non-impacting model is because the impacting model’s steel piston inside the ductile iron casted body provides a large amount of force that actually breaks the suction of the vacuum cup when installed on a bin, hopper trailer, dump bed truck, slip form or other application.

After the success of the first generation, with the VMSAC models, we expanded into the pneumatic turbine vibrators. This has allows us to provide many more options and sizes to help meet the demands of the user’s application. The original family within the product line contained four models (1125 VMSAC, 1200 VMSAC, 1300 VMSAC and 1350 VMSAC) but we have been able to more than double the offering with the addition of the Turbine Vacuum Mount Series. We can now support the CVT-P-1, CVT-P-10, CVT-P-20, CVT-S-60 and CVT-A-80 models. The CVT-P series turbine vibrators are manufactured from acetal plastic which is safe for clean room or food environments. The CVT-S series turbines are manufactured from #304 stainless steel and are also safe for clean room or food environments. The CVT-A series pneumatic turbines are manufactured from aluminum and come complete with an anodized finish.

Similar to how we provide grade 5 mounting fasteners (fine thread bolts and lock nuts) with each order we ship, we take an extra step with the Vacuum Mount units to allow for quick and easy install upon arrival after ordering. Once the unit is received on site, all the operator needs to do is hook it up and is able to start vibrating. Here are the quick steps to go from box to installation:

  • Bring in male fitting from available air supply to connect the female push-to-connect fitting supplied with the assembly.
  • Once air supply is securely connected, there are three controls on the assembly to use:
  1. Air pressure regulator to control the air pressure (PSI) that runs through the air circuitryCleveland Vibrator Vacuum Mount Series Instructional - Solutions In Motion 2
  2. Slide valve allows for on/off control of the vibratorCleveland Vibrator Vacuum Mount Series Instructional - Solutions In Motion 1
  3. Ball valve allows for on/off control of the vacuum cupCleveland Vibrator Vacuum Mount Series Instructional - Solutions In Motion 3
  • After the air supply is safely connected and turned on, the air pressure should be regulated between 0-80 PSI for vibrator operation.
  • PSI Reccomendation - Cleveland Vibrator Company copy
  • Next, turn the ball vibrator on the top side of the vacuum cup 90 degrees to initiate the suction process.
  • Once the vacuum cup is secured to the mounting location, slide the shuttle valve from the off position (closer to the regulator) to the on position. The vibrator will start operating immediately.

The VMSAC units  on the Vacuum Mount first generation are capable of immediate starts and stops. Whereas the CVT-P, CVT-S or CVT-A units on the Vacuum Mount second generation are not capable of immediate starts and stops. There is a permanently sealed and greased bearing inside the pneumatic turbine vibrators that needs a few seconds to come to a complete stop before starting up operation again. The the turbine units are pulsed or turned off and on again quickly, there is a chance of damaging the bearing on the inside of the unit and therefore causing operational problems.Mini Vacuum Mount Series Product Photo - print

These units have the best chance of sticking to a clean and smooth mounting surface. However, there have been many installation on a rusty exterior bin wall and wooden forms or molds.

When permanent installations or welding is not an option, turn to the Vacuum Mount series for portable and reliable material handling solutions. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us today and talk with a Cleveland Vibrator material flow expert at any time.


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