Niche Business, It’s What We Do

Glen Roberts

All organizations that have stayed in business for many years have “go-to folks” they depend on when difficult situations or tough problems arise that need to be taken care of. For example, how many times have we watched a football game and experienced the quarterback take his team 90 yards in under two minutes to win a game or the linebacker or safety make that key tackle or interception for a last minute victory? If you root for every team but the Browns, we’re sure you’ve experienced this enough to know the importance the role these key players fulfill. These are go to folks and it is no different in the business world, especially here at The Cleveland Vibrator Co.

I think we are blessed with several go to folks on our team. When a customer calls Cleveland Vibrator, they are not just talking to a sales associate but to engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, shipping and yes, even our owners from time to time. I believe this collectively makes Cleveland Vibrator a “go to company” for many special applications. I call this our “NICHE” business and feel it has been one of Cleveland Vibrator’s strengths, even before I was given the opportunity to join the team in 1968.

We recently had a prime example of why I consider CVC as a go to company run through our sales department. One of our many valued customers had purchased a Vacuum Mount Kit to be used to assist in unloading material out of rail cars. The Vacuum Mount Vibrator Series was designed and added to our product line in 2014, to provide our customers with a portable option without the need of permanent installation brackets on their bins, hoppers, rail cars. just to name a few applications. The Vacuum units don’t require welding, clamping or bolting on to the walls to provide vibration to break up ratholed or bridged materials.

Our customer liked the assemblies but wanted to know if it was possible to have the vibrator as a separate part that could be easily attached to the Vacuum base when needed. We discussed ways to make this a two piece assembly and still make the vibrator easy to attach. It was agreed to make the vibrator into a 1200 UHVMAC Coated Air Cushioned Piston Vibrator  and furnish one of our UH/F mounting brackets to make the attachment and detachment of the vibrator very straightforward and easy . We shipped our customer the necessary parts to make the conversion and when the assembly was finished and tested for their very unique application, their exact words were “WE LOVE IT.”

Cleveland Vibrator - Solutions In Motion - Vacuum Mount Vibrator - Unique Application

This has turned into quite a big deal for our customer who has ordered many more units post-trial for their facilities. To further assist our customer, our manufacturing facility now assembles the UHVMAC vibrator complete so they only need to attach the UH/F bracket to the vacuum mounting plate. The Vacuum Mount Vibrator modification is just one of many changes we have made to our very diversified product line to adapt to customer unique application requests. It doesn’t seem realistic to me to make vibrators with enough mounting arrangements to fit all of our customer’s applications, but we will surely try to accommodate within reason.

We are happy to assist you when dealing with the toughest of material flow challenges. We have the flexibility to work with unique applications since we are truly “Cleveland Made Quality” and all of our pneumatic models are manufactured right here in the beautiful “216.” Give us a call today!


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