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Things to Stick a Vacuum Mount Vibrator On, Part 1

Craig Macklin

Recently, Cleveland Vibrator Co. has been working on developing a series of Vacuum Mount Systems for our vibrators.  Typically, these are used for helping flow or clean out on portable hoppers, bins, IBCs, hopper bottom and belly dump trailers, or railcars.  However, our newest release, the Mini Turbine Vacuum Mount series, has a variety of other fun applications that we can demonstrate in our very own plant here.

The first application to look at here is the Vacuum Mount CVT-P-20 being used in our coil making process.  Our line of CM Electromagnetic Vibrators uses encapsulated coils that we make in house.  In that process, we use vibration in order to settle epoxy around the coil in a mold, removing air bubbles and eliminating voids.  Typically, we have used our VJ Vibratory Jogger tables in order to do this.  However, in the video linked here, you can Read More…


110v/60hz Vibrators, 3 Options: When to Choose Electromagnetic Vibes

Mike Stratis

The Cleveland Vibrator Company first opened in 1923. During the past 92 years, the flagship product for our company has been the pneumatic piston vibrator. However, as the industry has changed, our product offerings have been required to adapt to the customers’ requests. We have three options available for the users who require a 110v/60hz vibrator, which include:

Electromagnetic Vibrators
(CM product line)
Electromagnetic Vibrators

Read More…

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