Grain Bin Safety Week: How Rescue Tubes and Proper Training Will Save Lives

Glen Roberts

Did you know that the pressure of engulfing grain is so powerful, that it takes more than 1,500 pounds of force to free a body submerged under less than two feet of grain?

I must admit that although Cleveland Vibrator has supplied Industrial Vibrators and Equipment to the grain and feed industry for many decades, I was not aware until I took the Asmark Safety Course how many folks are trapped, injured or killed inside grain silos and feed mills. A lot of the grain safety training applies to just about all industries and mirrors the manufacturing industry, which I have  worked in and been associated for over 45 years. Two major things I picked up from this training were:

  1. Tag out and lock out is huge anytime you need to work on a piece of equipment, or when you are in an area that normally has running equipment.
  2. Checking your tools to make sure they are in good working order which includes inspection of the guards and making sure you have no frayed electrical cords. Generally, this is just good work ethics  in any work environment. Read More…

Vibration & Grain Safety Training

Glen Roberts

I recently finished a two day safe grain handling course at the Asmark Institute in Bloomington, Illinois. This is part of our continuing efforts to learn more about grain, feedmill and silo safety in our on-going efforts to assist in these areas. Cleveland Vibrator has manufactured and supplied vibrators to these industries for several decades but has never, until now, involved itself in the safety part of this industry beyond supplying vibrators as flow aides.

The training was eye opening to say the least. The instructors did an excellent job of mixing class work with field work coupled with having folks in the class who actually work and operate feed and grain elevators it was truly a learning experience. Safety is such a huge  issue in the feed and grain industry that goes far beyond just adding vibrators to prevent plugging, rat holing, backups, jams etc. Protecting employees form harm do to entrapment, auger injuries, electrical shock and more is an everyday, every minute, every second battle. “Lockout/Tagout” was one of  the safety points stressed at the training. Along with inspection of power tools to prevent injury and electrical shock plus possible explosive situations that can be caused by electrical sparking. One of the scarier parts of the training was a field exercise for rescue-recovery for entrapment inside silos or bins. We actually buried one of our classmates up to there waist and went through the rescue procedure which can be long and tedious in these situations. Obviously there was a lot more to the training but those really had a profound effect on me. It also gave me some insight on how we may be able to assist material flow on grain bucket elevators. It was definitely well worth the trip!

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