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What to Expect for Maintenance of Pneumatic Vibrators

Craig Macklin

As my incredibly knowledgeable associate Mike Stratis just provided a posting about accessories to consider for your installation of a pneumatic vibrator, I thought I would provide a follow-up piece to discuss what to expect AFTER the install. As with any equipment, pneumatic vibrators and their supporting accessories do require some love, attention, lubrication and cleaning from time to time. Here is what to expect if you want to get the longest and most consistent life out of your pneumatic vibrator, whether a piston, turbine or ball.

Air Piston Vibrators 

Cleveland Vibrator Pneumatic Piston Vibrator Group ShotLubrication – First and foremost, check your lubricator with some frequency.  If you operate continuously, you might check and/or refill every 1-3 weeks.  If your use is intermittent or infrequent, you might schedule on a 1-4 months.  The use of internal coating in the vibrator can reduce or remove the need for lubrication.  But, coatings without the use of lubrication will typically wear out faster than a coated or uncoated piston vibrator that is properly lubricated.  Depending on size and duty cycle of your vibrator, you might use a pint of lubricant (we recommend our MXR-12 VibraLube, which is 10W-NR) every 2 weeks to 2 years. Read More…


Guilty Until Proven Innocent… Why Cleveland Vibrator’s Repair Services Prove to be Top Notch

Glen Roberts

When you supply a product that is the main drive source for a particular piece of equipment it, usually takes the first blame when the equipment doesn’t function properly. Such was the case back in July when one of our larger O.E.M. customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers) contacted us on a drive failure problem experienced by one of their customers who mine gold in Canada. The Rotary Electric Drives were mounted on a dewatering screener and per the end user customer they have experienced failure of 4 to 5 vibrator motors since May and normally they last for years. With Cleveland Vibrator on the nameplate of the vibrators, it was understandable the customer would look to Cleveland Vibrator for answers plus bear blame for their problems.

They contacted the O.E.M. who in turn called us to asked if we would call them directly. We followed up the same day and discovered with our initial conversation the motors were over 12 years old. This is a long time for a vibratory motor to last in this type of operation. Read More…


Why Should I Consider Trial Vibratory Units?

Jack Steinbuch

From time to time you may have been faced with applications where the solutions offered don’t leave you fully comfortable to commit to a purchase.  The solution may seem viable, but you just need that extra something before you can pull the trigger.  While testimonials might do the trick, I suggest a trial or demo as a way to resolve your dilemma.  Fortunately, some manufacturers offer trial units or demos that will allow you to try the specific item offered as a solution, or an alternate item that is similar enough to enable you to determine if the actual product is suitable.

People often contact us with unique applications where they believe an external vibrator might be applicable.  Offering to send an air or electric powered vibrator on trial is often the best course of action if it is indeed an unusual application or the idea of trying it first is desirable.  Read More…


Maintaining Proper Greasing of Rotary Electric Vibrators While Operating in the Field

Glen Roberts

Being involved in manufacturing either directly or indirectly for 45 years, I hopefully can relate to the uncertainty surrounding when you should grease Cleveland Vibrator’s Rotary Electric Vibrators and how much grease you should apply. Cleveland Vibrator Co. provides our customers with an easy-to-follow Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual, specific for each individual drive ordered and is shipped with every vibratory product order. A section of the manual addresses proper greasing of the bearings and also indicates when you should apply the grease and how much is needed. The manual explains the intervals to actual running hours ratio which tells you when greasing the units supplied with manufacturer installed grease fitting is needed. There is, in my opinion, a  “grey” area. There is an amount, measured in grams, that is needed to properly lubricate the bearings of our Rotary Electrics. How do you determine the amount of grease you are loading into the bearings when the amount of grease per pump of the grease gun handle lever is unknown? Read More…


Strike & High G’s, A Vibratory Table’s Compaction Conundrum

David Strong

My mom just had her 80th birthday the other day. To celebrate the milestone, one of my sisters and her husband are taking my mom on an Alaskan cruise, I’m sure it will be a great adventure. A few years back I had the opportunity to visit Alaska as part of a Cleveland Vibrator Company project, I was there to provide start up assistance and review the installation of a piece our equipment. From start to finish it was a very interesting application of mechanical vibration to assist in the compaction of a dry material. Throw in a trip to Alaska and it became quite memorable.

Cleveland Vibrator Company was contacted by a large engineering firm that was involved in a remediation project at a military installation in Alaska. The company was removing contaminated soil from the site.  The soil was to be placed in steel containers and shipped off site. Their challenge to us was to increase the density of the soil, put more material in the box than could be accomplished with just “dumping” soil into the container. Read More…


Cleveland Vibrator Company & Customer Service: If You “Talk the Talk”, You Must “Walk the Walk”

Glen Roberts

Like a lot of companies we talk a lot about customer service and going the extra mile when particular situations arise. Last week we had just one of those situations involving one of our larger RE 80-6 Rotary Electric Vibrators. The customer was in Texas and had a vibrator go down on a large de-watering screener. Fortunately, they had followed our suggestion and purchased a spare backup drive. They now wanted to order a replacement for that one but we had just recently sold all of our stock in that size to one customer. The drives are used on a critical piece of production equipment  and could ill afford having a second drive go down.

With no spare available, we looked at up-sizing but mounting bolt centers would be a problem. We looked at different RPM  motors with same bolt centers but after consulting with our equipment “GURU” Read More…


Cleveland Vibrator Tends to Our Ole’ Faithfuls

Katy Sabo

The Cleveland Vibrator Company takes great pride in our Cleveland Quality products made with the highest finesse and expertise. Each Vibrator is individually crafted to fit every customer’s needs across a plethora of industries which gives us the ultimate diversity of our product line as well. The quality of our different vibrators, i.e. Air Piston Vibrators, Electromagnetic, Turbines, & Rotary Electrics, are superior to your run-of-the-mill vibrators due in large part to gaining such a in-depth understanding of the the many industries we serve through years of experience. Let’s be real, a company who has been in business since 1923 is bound to be more remarkable in quality than most, otherwise why would we still be in business?  Once our products leave our shop, they are put to the test in the field – they are subjected to the tough manufacturing life where they operate day-in and day-out at high capacities, but with this something amazing happens to prove that Cleveland Vibrators are the best… Read More…

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