Why Should I Consider Trial Vibratory Units?

Jack Steinbuch

From time to time you may have been faced with applications where the solutions offered don’t leave you fully comfortable to commit to a purchase.  The solution may seem viable, but you just need that extra something before you can pull the trigger.  While testimonials might do the trick, I suggest a trial or demo as a way to resolve your dilemma.  Fortunately, some manufacturers offer trial units or demos that will allow you to try the specific item offered as a solution, or an alternate item that is similar enough to enable you to determine if the actual product is suitable.

People often contact us with unique applications where they believe an external vibrator might be applicable.  Offering to send an air or electric powered vibrator on trial is often the best course of action if it is indeed an unusual application or the idea of trying it first is desirable.  In your case, you would be responsible for the freight, and if it works, we would simply follow with an invoice.  In those cases where it doesn’t meet with your satisfaction, the trial vibrator can be returned freight prepaid.  You might be subject to a small restocking fee or a fee to refurbish the unit if it is damaged.

In the equipment arena, this concept can be very effective in determining if the offering is suitable for a specific application.  An alternative is sending samples to the manufacturer for testing.  While this can also be effective, there are still applications where testing material in your plant’s environment would be more conclusive.  We routinely offer vibrating tables or packers on a trial/rental basis for this purpose.  There is a weekly rate in addition to all freight charges.  The good news is that the weekly rate is typically waived if the trial leads to the purchase of the equipment.

We therefore recommend trials or demos when you need help to get that warm, fuzzy feeling before you commit to a purchase.  The cost is relatively minimal compared to the return and most likely warranted for the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a solution that has already been tested at your facility.  Use trials whenever feasible to help lead you to more “no brainer” decisions.

For more information, contact us! We are standing by to help you find solutions that keep you moving.

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Jack Steinbuch

Jack Steinbuch

Equipment Sales Engineer at Cleveland Vibrator Co.
Jack Steinbuch has been associated with Cleveland Vibrator for 27 years in several sales and managerial capacities. He began working in the material handling industry as an application engineer for a vibrating screen manufacturer after receiving his degree in Civil Engineering. This lead to acquiring considerable expertise in sizing screening equipment and gaining a broad knowledge of numerous types of screening media. Early years at Cleveland Vibrator led to learning and applying their full line of industrial vibrators to specific customer applications. He then settled into the Fabricated Equipment line of the company, adding to his prior screening knowledge by becoming proficient in sizing and quoting vibratory feeders and tables. His experience in a wide variety of industries has lead to broadening his knowledge of ancillary equipment which has rounded him into a more valuable consultive source who takes an analytical approach to problem solving. Although Sales is his game, customer service is crucial and he believes very strongly that it is important to provide the proper product for an application even if it happens not to be one that is supplied by Cleveland Vibrator. He loves sports; watching and playing. He is an avid golfer and a league bowler during the winter.

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