Vibration Education and Safety: How SI Series Help Prevent Shoulder & Back Injuries

Glen Roberts

We were contacted by a company that performs a special process on large diameter copper bars. Part of the process is seating the copper bars in place to do the process. This is currently accomplished by hitting the bars with an 8 to 12 pound sledge hammer. Due to the taxing and power-filled motion of the hammering process, it was causing extensive shoulder and back injuries on their employees. The situation was dire enough that it required a call to action and a solution, so they contacted The Cleveland Vibrator for a vibrator recommendation. With situations where constant vibration is not needed, some of our best options come from our Air Piston Vibrator Line. This company reviewed our vibratory products and noted that the SI Springless Impactor Vibrator Series may be the best option for their material flow problem. This particular vibrator replaces the manual sledge hammer and can be set to a timer where a single impact sets off a vibration strong enough to unclog the bin or hopper. This was a perfect option to use in their current processes. After reviewing their flow procedures, we quoted our 1350 and 1400 SI Kits to replaces the sledge hammer method. What is fantastic about Cleveland Vibrator Co.’s Vibrator Kits, you receive the vibrator, mounting channel, supply and return hose, five port spool valve and the recycling timer. A one-stop shop deal and hassle free.  We are hoping that this will eliminate the need to swing a heavy sledge hammer and will end the potential injuring of employee’s shoulder, back, or both.

We are always striving to educate the importance of safety in the work place – for more information about vibration and what it can do to alleviate your injury problems in your workplace, Contact The Cleveland Vibrator Co. 



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