What You Need To Know About Screening Media – Part V

Jack Steinbuch

This blog is the fifth and final (yeah) in a series that has been dedicated to typical screening media that are installed in Screeners with their advantages and disadvantages so you can be in a better position to assist us in the selection process.

Grizzly Bars

This screening media is used primarily for heavy duty screening applications.  So, it is commonly used in industries for scalping large, heavy material or for material that might easily hang up on or blind other types of screening media.

Grizzly bars are spaced, parallel bars, rails or pipes that are running in the direction of the flow of material.  They can be fabricated or cast.  The simplest and most economical are fabricated from round bars supported on spaced cross supports.  We find this decking to be advantageous for removing fines from chips & turnings from machining centers.  The cross supports can be designed with large scallops to prevent turnings from getting caught and blinding the openings.  Cast grizzly decks can be provided with a wide variety of tapers to prevent plugging and can even include a step where the bars increase in height running from the feed end to the discharge end.  This creates a step due to the drop from the higher discharge end of one section to the lower profile at the feed end of the next section.  The step produces a tumbling action which could assist in breaking up of nested or friable materials.

Its primary advantages are excellent wear resistance, robust construction to handle large materials and configurations that reduce plug blinding.  The disadvantages are its higher cost and increased weight, particularly for the cast sections.  Once again, the high cost of grizzly bars is not a major deterrent when the advantages due to its unique design are beneficial for your application.

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