Industrial Vibration to Unstick Things

Craig Macklin

Most applications of industrial vibrators or impactors are for material flow in hoppers, bin, chutes and pipes or material settling and de-airing.  However, I have been noticing recently applications we are coming across that are not being used on dry bulk materials or wet cast products.  Instead, they have a common theme of being used to “un-stick” items.  To relate to everyday experience, picture grabbing ice cubes from the freezer for your glass of lemonade.  You get a clump of them that bonded, maybe because they came out of the ice maker a little damp, and they won’t fit in your glass. What do you do?  Apply a little energy to them with some impact force (bang them on the counter) and break those bonds.  Cold lemonade success!

In this post, I am listing a couple of interesting ones we have come across or noticed in our history recently.

1) Separating parts that are bonded – As of late we’ve seen this for parts such as hardened metal or armatures that go through a heat treating process or are intentionally bonded to a temporary medium during the manufacturing process.  Just like on those ice cubes, we have seen some success with rigging up an air piston vibrator or impactor to apply high energy force to break those bonds.

2) Getting stuff off of a product – Have you ever had something gross stuck to your finger, like a freshly swatted mosquito maybe? Your first move is to shake it off, right?  Similar, we’ve had a growing number of applications for shaking unwanted things off.  These include vibrating air bubbles off of parts that are being coated or treated so that treatment fully covers the product, such as in metal plating processes, or shaking shot blast off/out of a treated part.

Do you have an example of using vibration to get something unstuck? Write into us, or better yet, send a picture of your unique application!

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