Railcar Vibrators

Vibratory Sizing: Rocky Balboa Inspiration & Railcar Vibrators

Glen Roberts

Railcar unloading can be a difficult task depending contributing factors such as the type of material, size, moisture content, if the material is frozen, or if it was compacted during shipment, just to name a few. Add to the fact the weather could change from transportation to delivery point, this creates an interesting sizing situation. At Cleveland Vibrator, we use our 1350 VMRR Vibrator as the “one size fits all” unit for rail car unloading. We realize that at times, our valued customers may require a vibrator or vibrators with a little more or less force and may even require a unit that operates at a lower noise level. Cleveland Vibrator understands our customer needs may have  changed from what was used ten, twenty or thirty years ago.  Tried and true methods of that era may need to be changed to accommodate new rail car designs.

In the past, most rail cars were steel and fitted with dove tailed female brackets either at the factory or in the field to accept the male wedge type railcar vibrators. This is still one of the preferred way to vibrate material out of rail cars even today. Read More…

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