What You Need to Know About Screening Media – Part Deux

Jack Steinbuch

This blog is the second in a series that will be dedicated to typical screening medias that are installed in Vibratory Screeners. I will discuss their advantages and disadvantages so you can be in a better position to assist us in the selection process.

Perforated Plate

This is also a fairly common and widely used screening media for many applications including scalping, sizing and dewatering.  Perforated plate, as relates to sections installed in vibratory screeners, is typically designated by the openings, the bar width (amount of material between the openings), centers (distance between the holes as well as staggered or straight line) and thickness.

Perforated plate is best suited for medium to coarse screening.  It is available in a wide variety of metals with carbon steel and stainless steel the most common.  While round openings are the most traditional for vibratory screeners, perforated plate can also be supplied with square, hexagonal and diamond shapes, as well as slotted openings (to provide more capacity and increased open area).  The edges can be formed into hooks or hook flanges can be welded to the sides to allow similar installation as wire cloth screens except no concerns about tensioning.  The plate can be installed flat or be provided with a crown for Screeners designed with a crowned deck.  They can also be bolted in place or installed using quick clamps to enable faster change out.

In short, its advantages are the large variety of materials that can be processed on this particular screen deck is very large in variety. It has high wear resistance due to it’s smooth surface and one-piece construction. Lastly this media provides several installation options.

The disadvantages include the media is heavier weight which could affect the Screener performance. The open area decreases as the openings get smaller and they are stiff, so secondary vibration that you might get in the wires for screen cloth (that could facilitate the removal of fines) is virtually non-existent.

In many cases the advantages outweigh the disadvantages especially for those applications where a smooth surface and round openings are beneficial.  So perforated plate is a worthy alternative to wire cloth and in some cases can be more advantageous.  Well, unfortunately our Browns went down the tubes since my last posting.  However, The Ohio State Buckeyes more than made up for it by winning the first College Football Playoffs to become the undisputed champions.   Keep tuned for information on additional screening media that can be installed in vibratory screeners.

Want to see this media in action? Check out our YouTube Product Testing Footage of our PSC-E Portable Double Deck Vibratory Screener fitted with Perforated Plate Media. For more information about our Vibratory Screeners, please contact us today!


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