What You Need To Know About Screening Media – Part IV

Jack Steinbuch

This blog is the fourth in a series that has been dedicated to typical screening media that are installed in Vibratory Screeners with their advantages and disadvantages so you can be in a better position to assist us in the selection process.

Profile (Wire) Deck

This screening media is used primarily for dewatering applications.  Additionally this decking is used in the Coal industry for drain & rinse and desliming applications.  This decking is also utilized in screeners for the iron ore, potash and phosphate industries.

Profile decking is most often stainless steel construction, but can also be constructed from other metals.  This decking most typically consists of V-shape or triangular wire profiles that are supported in parallel on cross bars.  The wires are either welded or wrapped around the supports with the wide side on top so that it’s taper increasingly widens the opening between the wires to reduce the incidence of plug blinding.  There is a wide variety of shapes available and this decking can be provided with straight wires or with the wires in a wavy pattern while remaining parallel to each other.

Its primary advantage is above average wear resistance and the openings which widen to reduce plug blinding.  The disadvantages are reduced open area which is far less than wire cloth and its high cost.  Although the high cost is not a major deterrent when the advantages due to it unique design are beneficial for your application.

Ah, spring time.  Our Indians are off to a miserable start, but our Cavaliers are headed to the 2nd round of the playoffs.  Can they make it to the Finals without Love?  Stay tuned for my 5th and final installation on screening media for vibratory screeners and an update the Indians progress (hopefully) and just maybe the Cavs in the Finals.

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